SaCO-lessons & SaCO-examinations in Siberia (RUS)

Once more our SaCO-president had the opportunity to stay abroad in order to support and further other sportsmen's development. This time he stayed in Tomsk, Siberia (RUS), from October 21st to 25th. There he gave a combined seminar including Kobudo-Tesshinkan and SaCO-self defense.
The interest in learing SaCO has grown significantly and thus the amount of SaCO-lessons within this seminar has grown too.
At the end of the seminar 6 participants took the chance to earn a SaCO-degree. Four of them earned the students' grade 5.B and became thus new members of the SaCO. Two other participants applied for 5.A and succeeded. All of the examinees were very well-prepared and demonstrated likewise good performances. Especially the girls from the town Biysk demonstrated their eagerness and will within the fighting circle.