1st SaCO-training on Sri Lanka

During a Kobudô seminar on Sri Lanka on January 30, the SaCO chief instructor Frank Pelny taught a special two-hour course to prison police officers. The participants were enthusiastic and very interested. Absolutely amazed they followed the explanations and practiced what was shown. The topics covered ranged from defenses against strikes with the arms and hands, various transportation and body holds, chokes and strangle-holds to defenses against knife attacks.

During an event on the following morning, the director general of the prison administration and Frank Pelny started a conversation. The director general confirmed the enormous echo of the high-quality education, and, he added, they would try to teach the police officers SaCO intensively.

B. Prasanna Fernando (7th DAN Karate) was confirmed as contact person for SaCO. He, by the way, was responsible for introducing Karate as mandatory sport for the officers. They consider sending a delegation of police officers from Sri Lanka to Frank Pelny in Germany, to train SaCO multipliers.