Price list for SaCO Articles
valid: 01.06.2009
All price lists before the stated date hereby lose validity.

Advertising means
* SaCO-Sticker
   The SaCO-Emblem as a four-coloured sticker
EURO 1,00
* SaCO - Embroiderie
   The SaCO-Emblem as a four-coloured embroidery - washable at 60°
EURO 6,00
* SaCO-Information sheets (in German only)
   A 4 size - SaCO-foldable sheets with info text and integrated member proposals - an advertising possibility.
EURO 0,50
* Embroiders for trainers
   White embroiders with black writing, black border, for:
   leader of exercise, trainer, instructor and chief instructor.
EURO 5,00

books & teaching material
   Paperback, A5 size, 54 pages, 5th updated issue from 2009, in German only
   All SaCO orders, examination programmes and charges at a glance!
EURO 15,00
* "The theory manual for martial art trainers"
   Hardcover, A5 size, 440 pages, about some illustrations, in German only
   The complete theoretical knowledge about legal, psychological and anatomical aspects of self-defence as well as training apprenticeship in one book.
EURO 42,00
* "Systematised self-defence for Everybody" (probably in the end of 2016 available)
   publisher: BoD-Verlag Norderstedt          ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-....-.
   Hardcover, A5 size, about many step-by-step-photos, in German only
   Clutch freeing, defence of weapons and use of stick, Tonfa and Tessen.
EURO ??,??
* "Gjogsul - Militärischer Nahkampf in der NVA"
   publisher: BoD-Verlag Norderstedt          ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-2228-7
   Hardcover, A5 size, 352 pages, ca. 550 photos, in German only
   A comprehensive presentation of the military close combat system from the People's Army of the former GDR.
EURO 29,00
* Teaching plates
    A3 size, durable, laminated, in German only
   For the first time become techniques and movement-consequences of the military close combat (MNK), the Russian original forms, the Gjogsul and the SaCO-forms developed from it documents and the world-public introduces. The teaching-plates arrange the unique know-how of the effective military close combat and the systematized SaCO self-defence.
EURO 10,00

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