SaCO – What is this?


SaCO is a unique synthesis of:


  1. Self-defense
    • for every man and woman
    • regardless of the age or gender
    • realistic, systematic
    • use of aid
    • observation of constitutional principles


  2. Police techniques
    • for the police and security services


  3. Close combat technique / GJOGSUL
    • for military experts
    • uncompromising close combat techniques of the military special units from the former GDR
    • revised close combat fight techniques from the North Korean GJOGSUL


  4. Fundamental fitness

SaCO Training

The rising rate of criminality and brutality today calls for higher security measures among citizens. The protection of our health and property has therefore become an important part of life.
SaCO teaches simple systematic methods of self-defense with which anyone can, in a dangerous situation, defend himself / herself regardless of their age or gender. Men and women from all age groups can learn from SaCO.
In addition, SaCO in every way, meets the requirements of all citizens rights in view of self-defense. SaCO offers several effective solutions for emergency situations.
At the same time, the instructors, police and military experts convey the uncompromising military close combat fighting techniques of the former GDR, which they through talent can effectively fulfil their specific assignments.
The basic techniques in SaCO are selected punches, blows and kicks. To supplement, some levers and throws, dealing with weapons (e.g. Tonfas and knives) and objects (e.g. sticks and belts) were taught for self-defense. Also offered were theoretical knowledge like legal foundations, vulnerable body parts and fair behaviour.

Important characteristics of the SaCO system


  1. All SaCO defences are simple and reliable actions, which were put together to form a systematic workable self-defense system.
    The number of the governing techniques was restricted to a minimum and their application systematised.

  2. The handling of different weapons and objects in duel was simultaneously taught with unarmed defence techniques.
    Through this, it acquired revised principle knowledge and skills in dealing e.g. with sticks, tonfas, knives e.t.c. These can be effectively used for defence in extreme cases of emergency.

  3. The modern SaCO self-defense is standardised in form of teaching and testing programmes.
    Knowledge and skills in the area of duel are offered and this enables everyone to improve their individual skills regardless of if it's a housewife, wrestler or a security expert.

  4. The military close combat techniques are tested, uncompromising and effective.
    The military close combat techniques originated from the military close combat of the military experts in the former GDR. Strong influence comes from the Korean GJOGSUL close combat system, through which the North Koreans have for many years with high effectiveness practically used.

SaCO the up-to-date self-defense system for everyone!

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