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  • for every man and woman
  • regardless of the age or gender
  • realistic, systematic
  • use of aid
  • observation of constitutional principles

Police techniques

  • for the police and security services

Fundamental fitness

Close combat technique / GJOGSUL

  • for military experts
  • uncompromising close combat techniques of the military special units from the former GDR
  • revised close combat fight techniques from the North Korean GJOGSUL

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2024 Blankenburg

22. January 2024

Almost 50 martial artists from more than 10 clubs met in the usual sunny weather at the host Jiu-Jitsu Blankenburg for the traditional January course with course leader Frank Pelny.

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The Founders

The Founders PORTRAITS OF THE SaCO MASTER INSTRUCTORS Frank Pelny (* 1960) captain o.d. – paratrooper / reconnaissancer – SaCO * president of SaCO * IVth master degree * Master-Instructor…

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Militärischer Nahkampf

Military Close Combat

Development and Test Content Development of the military sport Military close-combat is the general label for unarmed duel techniques under military operation conditions whose aim is to insure that some…

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SaCO Emblem

SaCO – The Success Story

THE SUCCESS STORY of SaCO 1989 – 1993 1994 – today Structure Orders Education Programs Education Contents The official foundation of SaCO was laid on 01.01.1995 with the aim of:…

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Dschudsche GJOGSUL / GJOK-SUL The close combat system of the People’s Army of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK) Review: Course 1988 History Contest In the strive, the close…

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