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The SaCO-Emblem as a four-coloured sticker
EURO 1,00
SaCO - Embroiderie
The SaCO-Emblem as a four-coloured embroidery - washable at 60°
EURO 10,00
Embroiders for trainers
White embroiders with black writing, black border, for:
leader of exercise, trainer, instructor and chief instructor.
EURO 10,00

Books & teaching material

Paperback, A5 size, 70 pages, 10th updated issue from 2022, in German only
All SaCO orders, examination programmes and charges at a glance!
EURO 15,00
"The theory manual for martial art trainers"
Hardcover, A5 size, 440 pages, about some illustrations, in German only
The complete theoretical knowledge about legal, psychological and anatomical aspects of self-defence as well as training apprenticeship in one book.
EURO 42,00
"Systematised self-defence for Everybody" - Starter bundle
Hardcover, A5 size, about many step-by-step-photos, in German only
Clutch freeing, defence of weapons and use of stick, Tonfa and Tessen.
EURO 20,00
Further chapters:
EURO 10,00 
"Gjogsul - Militärischer Nahkampf in der NVA"
publisher: BoD-Verlag Norderstedt          ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-2228-7
Hardcover, A5 size, 352 pages, ca. 550 photos, in German only
A comprehensive presentation of the military close combat system from the People's Army of the former GDR.
EURO 29,00
Teaching plates
A3 size, durable, laminated, in German only
For the first time become techniques and movement-consequences of the military close combat (MNK), the Russian original forms, the Gjogsul and the SaCO-forms developed from it documents and the world-public introduces. The teaching-plates arrange the unique know-how of the effective military close combat and the systematized SaCO self-defence.
EURO 10,00


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