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2024 Blankenburg

22. January 2024

Almost 50 martial artists from more than 10 clubs met in the usual sunny weather at the host Jiu-Jitsu Blankenburg for the traditional January course with course leader Frank Pelny.

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Knife course in Berlin

12. November 2023

It was about an extremely serious topic: How do I defend myself against an attacker with a knife?

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SaCO annual course 2023

6. March 2023

The focus of this year’s course was the use of Tonfa.

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2023 Blankenburg

22. January 2023

Hip use, body dynamics and knife techniques – another great course in Blankenburg under leading of Frank Pelny – in its 25th year!

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SaCO-Ausbilder Spezialkurs 2022

25. June 2022

Topics such as biomechanics, defense inside a car, field spade drill and an update on defense capability made this day special.

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Gjogsul & Frank Pelny in the novel “Die Wölfin”

24. June 2022

Military hand-to-hand combat (MNK) and Gjogsul are described in impressive battle scenes.

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2022 Blankenburg

24. April 2022

For four hours, 26 athletes intensively practiced sword hand strikes and elbow techniques, Tessen drill and defense with the help of a Tessen.

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First SaCO-seminar in Italy

24. April 2022

The first official SaCO seminar in Italy took place from 17.-20. April 2022 in Milan.

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SaCO annual course 2022

7. March 2022

The main topic of the course was defending against attacks with a knive.

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SaCO-Ausbilderkurs 2020/21

6. December 2021

4. Dezember 2021: SaCO-Ausbilderkurs 2020/21 erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

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