Gjogsul & Frank Pelny in the novel "Die Wölfin"

Udersleben 18.06.2022

In the very exciting novel “Die Wölfin” (408 pages / ISBN 978-3-347-57772-5 / €24.90 / also available as paperback or e-book), the author describes the experiences of a NPA officer student who gets involved in a confrontation with criminals. His knowledge of military hand-to-hand combat (MNK) and Gjogsul, which are described in impressive battle scenes, help him in this.

Our master instructor Frank Pelny met the author René Fröhlich at the association meeting of the Fallschirmjäger-Traditionsverband Ost e.V. at the Udersleben airfield near Bad Frankenhausen. Both find each other very likeable and have agreed to continue working together.


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