2024 Blankenburg

Bad Blankenburg / Harz 20.01.2024

Whether Judōka, Ju- or Jiu-Jitsuka, Karateka, Arnis or SaCO athletes, almost 50 martial artists from more than 10 clubs from Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Berlin met in the usual sunny weather at the host Jiu-Jitsu inBlankenburg under the direction of Nils Wyschka for the traditional January course with course leader Frank Pelny.

In the morning hours the focus was on atemi techniques. Choreographed in 3×4 techniques, block techniques, hand edge strikes and elbow strikes were practiced and combined with each other.

After lunch, the topic was how to use the short stick / Hanbō. After the obligatory handling exercises, the attacks from SaCO Stock Drill 1 were practiced and then defended with the blocks from SaCO Stock Drill 2. Finally, applications to defend against fist and foot attacks were practiced.

Enthusiastic and accomplished, the participants were able to generate a lot of knowledge again.

The next date has already been set: January 18, 2025.

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